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missmorland reblogged your photo: toomuchteah: One of my favorite books! ~Ana
One of my favourite books, too!
Oh yay! I absolutely love the plot and idea for this book. And the author wrote it perfectly. :)

You guys have been so sweet to us this summer! Looks like it’s that time of year again to get back to school and be surrounded by books once more. For those of you that won’t be in school…well you are just lucky. Haha. But besides that we would just like to take the time to say thanks to all our followers! 

We have had suggestions from everyone, wonderful questions, and even the greatest bookmark submissions that we can’t wait to post pictures of soon! I just laminated 2 of them today! :)

Well, thank you so much! We love support from everyone and we like to keep our followers involved. So please, submit reviews and pictures! :D We promise to have another contest coming up soon, so look out for that. Hopefull this time one of you guys might win something! ;)

Have a nice rest of the summer and enjoy it while you still can! Have a wonderful school year and always remember to keep reading and wiggle on! 

Thanks!! :D


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Written by: Ana

Hey there! We have gotten some mail about not following the contest winners yet. Some of us have, but it has been pretty busy. Some of us weren’t even able to go on tumblr for a long time and remember, there are 4 of us. 

We truly are sorry for holding it so late, so here is the promotion post we promised! :D 

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